Removable Appliances
  • Upper Hawley w/ C Clasps or Ball Clasps$48
  • Upper Hawley Wrap Around$50
  • Lower Hawley w/ Rests$48
  • Lower Hawley Wrap-around$51
  • Spring Retainer$38
  • Modified Spring Retainer$75
  • Super Modified Spring Retainer$80
  • Bicuspid to Bicuspid Spring Retainer$42

  • Adams Clasps – Add (each)$9
  • Single C or Ball Clasp (each)$8
  • Arrow Head Clasp (each)$8
  • Crossover Stabilizing Wire (each)$5
  • Tongue Habit (add)$15

  • Anterior Bite Plane (add)$11
  • Incline Plane (add)$15
  • Posterior Occlusal Strap (add)$16

  • Springs Plated in Acrylic (each)$7
  • Soldering Charge$7
  • Spurs$5
  • Elastic Hooks Soldered (each)$8
  • Band Carvings (per arch)$11

  • Expansion Screw (each)$24
  • Piston Screw$14

  • Reset Teeth (each)$7
  • Teeth Added (each)$24

  • Hard Nightguard$61
  • Soft Nightguard$46
  • Essix$46
Functional Appliances
  • Sagital (2 way)$71
  • Sagital (3 way)$96
  • Bionator with Screw$106
  • Orthopedic Corrector I and II$111
  • Scwartz Appliance (1 screw)$76
  • Scwartz Appliance (2 screw)$106
  • Nord (1 screw)$91
  • Shami$76
  • Cetlin$61
  • Twin Block$216
  • Articulation of Casts$13

Fixed Appliance
  • Lower 3-3$30
  • Lower 6-6$40
  • Lower Looped Lingual Arch$41
  • Lingual Arch Removable (Dr.’s Lingual Sheaths) (add)$21
  • Transpalatal Bar$36
  • Nance Holding Appliance$44
  • Unilateral Space Maintainer$35
  • Bilateral Space Maintainer$41
  • Lip Bumper$46
  • Expansion “W” Arch$41
  • Hyrax Expansion$62
  • Haas Expansion$61
  • Exspider (Fan-Type) Expansio$65
  • Vecs Expander$101
  • Habit Appliance$55
  • Quad Helix (Ricketts)$48
  • Removable Quad Helix (add)$25
  • Arnold Expansion$48
  • Pendex$80
  • Distal Jet$166

Study Model Service
  • Model Poured from Your Impressions and Completely Finished$42
  • Duplication of Existing Cast and Completely Finished$54
  • rimmed and Carved from Impressio and Unfinished$39
  • Pour and Trim (no handwork)$36

  • (Other Model Services Available Prices Furnished Upon Request)

  • Standard ColorsN/C
  • W/ Glitter or mixed$6
  • Electric Colors$6
  • Neon Colors$7
  • Specialty Colors, Custom Blends, and Custom DesignsVaried

Digital Modeling Service
  • Digital Storage$13 Per arch
  • Physical Cast$16 Per arch

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Production & Shipping

In-Laboratory time on all appliances will be 3-5 working days from receipt. Please allow a minimum of 10 working days for all models and functional appliances.
Any returns or remakes must be accompanied by original cast and appliance. No credits will be given after 90 days.
There will be a minimum $5.00 charge for wire repairs and a minimum $15.00 charge for acrylic repairs.
If you have any questions concerning services, or wish to inquire about a service not listed, please do not hesitate to call us at: 301.948.5243 or Contact US

Company overview
Shipping & Handling

Postage will be paid one way for all laboratory services EXCEPT models.
Free pick-up and delivery service is available in select areas during designated days and times. Please call for a schedule.
There will be a $5.00 charge for any unscheduled pick-up or delivery, when applicable.

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